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VELOMOTORS - The biggest manufacturer in Europe

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   "VELOMOTORS" group of companies is industrial-trade integrated holding, which has subsidiaries in the biggest regions of Russia. The main specialization of the company is manufacturing of competitive bicycles and power sports vehicles.

   The history of company began in 1996 from small wholesale distribution of Russian made bicycles. And in 2003 in Moscow region the first factory of "VELOMOTORS" was built. Due to the high quality of product, company quickly got attention of Russian customers. Correct marketing strategy and development of production cycles became the base of fast evolution of the company. Soon “VELOMOTERS” got acceptance from customers and experts.

   For individualization of the product in the market, the concept of a successful brand ”STELS” was developed. The brand “STELS” acquired a widespread popularity in Russia and abroad. "STELS" bicycles and motorcycles became the symbol of revolutionary breakthrough of Russian manufacturer into high quality segment of the market. In 2009 product range has been widen with ATV, which were assembled in-house according to the license from leading manufacturers.


   Today "VELOMOTORS" consists of: factory in Zhukovka city (Bryansk region), assembling plants in Kubinka town (Moscow region) and Krilovskaya city (Krasnodar region), several big logistic centers, one of them is located in Lubertsy town in the suburbs of Moscow.

   "VELOMOTORS" group focuses on design, manufacruting and sales of bicycles, motorcycles, ATV and snowmobiles.

   The biggest factory on the holding is situated in Zhukovka city. It is a modernly equipped enterprise with a lot of high technological innovations.

   For several years, we have been mastering in such operations as pipe rolling, frames production, plastic parts production, seat making, painting, automatic and manual welding, laser cutting, sheet metal-working, etc.

   High quality control requirments, wide availability of spare parts (60% in-house made) allow the consumer to obtain the highest quality of products and services.

   Due to developed dealer chain of "VELOMOTORS", customers can get "STELS" products in each region of Russia and CIS countries.


    "VELOMOTORS" group certificated the factories according to international system of quality standards ISO 9001 : 2011.

   This work was carried out within a realization of long-term strategy, which includes optimization of business processes, improving of quality standarts, not only of products but also s all manufacturing processes in general.

   As a result, technological processes in the factories (in Zhukovka city, Bryansk region and Krilovskaya city, Krasnodar region), including design, development, production, sales, maintenance of mopeds, motor scooters, motorcycles, tricycles, quadricycles, ATVs , all terrain vehicle , snowmobiles , snowmobiles, bicycles, and spare parts, meet the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2011 and allow customers to get products and high quality service.

ISO 9001:2011

VELOZAVOD Kubinka city (Moscow region).

ISO 9001:2011

MOTOVELOZAVOD Zhukovka city (Bryansk region).

ISO 9001:2011

MOTOZAVOD Krylovskaya village (Krasnodar region).


   "VELOMOTORS" design bureau is continuing to create new products and improve and polish old ones. In the beginning of 2015 new ATV STELS 800G GUEPARD was presented. This model differs from its predecessors in the power and maneuverability.

   In 2014 at the International Motoshow in Moscow presented the new snowmobile model STELS 600 VIKING was introduced to the public. It differs from its predecessor with severity and personality.

   The VIKING 600 uses base, suspension, gearbox from its predecessor - STELS 800 Wolverine. Primary difference of VIKING 600 is a 60 cm wide track, which also can be changed to a 50 cm track. Serial production of this new model began in the autumn of 2015.

Model line


   One of the main goals of "VELOMOTORS" was to create own ATV, which could compete with the top vehicles from the world’s leading Brands. The new STELS flagship ATV800 is the most powerful and technologically advanced Russian ATV.

    "VELOMOTORS" engineers created ATV: powerful, reliable and, what is the most important at reasonable price. This is the first ATV of "VELOMOTORS" where there is no made-in-China parts. For building of this vehicle we used the components from leading Japanese, Taiwanese and Russian manufacturers , as well as parts and assembly untis of our own production.

The Design

   New STELS ATV 800 became the first ATV, which exterior was developed by designers of "VELOMOTORS" in Izhevsk city. R&D engineers have created incomparable style. The new and aggressive look will certainly be recognizable and attract attention among the numbers of other ATVs.

   STELS ATV 800 GUEPARD – is a new wave in a Russian ATV manifacturing.

   All plastic parts are made at “MOTOVELOZAVOD” production lines in Zhukovka. Totally new plastic materials formula is used in STELS ATV 800 plastic parts, which provides perfect combination of flexibility and strength.

The frame and suspension

   Frame for ATV 800 is produced at MOTOVELOZAVOD on fully automatic robotic line.

   BThe strength and reliability of the frame and suspension is ensured not only by quality of manufacturing, but also by exact design calculations, which were proved under hard tests.

   The suspension is formed from extra-strong A-arms and forged steering knuckles. We use precision and durable bearings from the world famous Japanese manufacturer Koyo in the hubs.

   Taiwanese shock absorbers provide extremely soft riding and impressive stroke of 225 mm in front and 243 mm in the back.

Engine and transmission

   ATV’s 800 engine is the most powerful and technologically advanced motor in the company’s entire range. 4-stroke V-twin with the combustion chamber volume of 800 cm3 provides 67 hp or 73 Nm of power. For such a powerful and "superfast" motors we designed CVT and transmission, which can resist a huge loading.

   Another modification of this engine is also used on a modified snowmobile STELS S800 "Wolverine".

   The most parts of engine and transmission in the near future will be produced at the MOTOVELOZAVOD Zhukovka city that will favorably effect the final cost of the ATV.

   High-torque, economical and flexible petrol engine:

  1. Smooth operation for maximum pleasant driving;
  2. Controlled power for perfect balance of performance and fuel consumption;
  3. Pleasant sound of the engine;
  4. The significant torque from the very beginning of a wide operating range.

Brake system

   The brake system used on the ATV 800, it isn’t the typical for ATVs. We used four disc brakes one for each wheel. This scheme completely removes the load from the gearbox during braking, thereby increasing its reliability and durability.


   ATV 800 is equipped by the wire harness with water proof connectors. The dashboard is made in collaboration with world famous KOSO company (same as on ATV 600 LEOPARD). It displays all necessary indicators of the engine, transmission and other parameters. We also used secure and reliable control switches on the handlebars from D and GT ATV series.

   LED headlamps are waterproof sealed with an aluminum body and diaphragm valve, which allows to resist water pressure in a depth of 50 m. LED turn indicators on the soft mount preserve their integrity at any maneuvers.


"… more than 8 000 km in different climatic conditions without single breakdowns"

   STELS ATV600 - ATV (two rider vehicle), developed and created by engineers of Zhukovka Motorcycle and Bicycle factory.

   The main design concept of ATV600 was the creation of a reliable and affordable ATV. One of the main principle of the manufacturing and fitting work quality is the responsibility that proved by track resource tests. In testing, the ATV was more than 8,000 km in different climatic conditions without single breakdowns.


   World famous ATVs experience served as a model of Stels ATV600 design. All plastic facing parts are produced on the own production line at Zhukovka Motorcycle and Bicycle factory.

   There are carried out a lot of analyses and tests aimed at selecting the best facing plastic for the ATV at the engineering center of "Velomotors" company. The new composition using in the production is the great combination of elasticity and strength. Facings from new plastic are able to withstand very strong impacts without any serious damages. All this is possible to achieve survivability of the wings and running boards even in the most difficult situations.

   Power front bumper - aggressive look-the appearance of reliable equipment.

"Impressive stroke of absorbers (170 mm front and 225 mm at the rear)"

Frame and undercarriage

   The basis for confident operation is durable and reliable frame and suspension. ATVs that were proved not only by time but also a variety of the largest competitions in the country-cross and trophy-raid demonstrate that the frame and suspension have a huge margin of safety and withstand very heavy loads. While the frame and suspension of the domestic engineers have been strengthened and revised in the light of many years use. The production cycle of the frame manufacturing from blanks for tubes till welding and painting are made on a robotic production line at Zhukovka Motorcycle and Bicycle factory.

   This engine is also used on a modified snowmobile STELS S800 "Wolverine".

   Suspension’s strength is provided by use of forged parts and parts produced of high-strength alloys: forged steering knuckles and hubs, stamped from high strength alloy tubular upper and lower arms. In wheel hub bearings are used well-known Japanese company Koyo.

   Ride and great suspension travel (170 mm front and 225 mm at the rear) are provided with hydraulic shock absorbers Taiwanese firm Forsa.

The engine and transmission

   The only unit of a foreign manufacturer in a Quad bike is the engine. However, it does not speak for the fact that it is a weak point of the ATV , the engineers of "Velomotors" company used very responsible attitude in the choice of suppliers and engine. This simple and reliable unit has a large margin of safety. Originally this motor was designed for heavy loaded cars and the UTV class. In the engineering center of "Velomotors" company it has been adapted for installation on ATV. It was changed the attachment and shape of the sump, designed and optimized intake and exhaust for this motor. In the power system uses a carburetor from one of the Japanese leaders in this area – firm Mikuni. After all the modifications the engine produces 39 hp. For increasing the reliability it was designed a system of the engine oil supplementary cooling.

   High-torque, fuel-efficient gasoline engine:

  1. smooth operation for maximum enjoyable controls;
  2. managed power for perfect ratio of performance and fuel consumption;
  3. pleasant sound of the engine;
  4. significant torque at the very beginning of widely working range.

Brake system

   Brake system does not remain without attention — it was completely replaced by a new, jointly developed with Taiwanese manufacturer. New brakes are more efficient and they have better feedback. To improve the reliability of the system reinforced brake hoses are used.

"All relays and fuses placed in a moisture and dust resistant box"


   To improve the reliability and quality of the ATV is equipped with waterproof wiring. All relays and fuses placed in a moisture and dust resistant box.

   All required information about engine, speed, coolant temperature and other parameters are displayed on the Italian dashboard Koso as known electronics manufacturer for all kinds of motorcycle equipment.

   When choosing steering switches, the choice fell on a proven and reputable ATV remote controls made in Taiwan. That are the consoles which have been used on ATVs Stels models in the D and GT package contents.


   Snowmobile is equipped with 2-cylinder, V-twin, 4-stroke, EFI, liquid cooling 800 cc engine with max.power 60HP. Front telescopic suspension with 15 cm stroke and the track with 60cm width 2 cm height grousers provide an excellent passing ability. Fuel tank for 45 liters, average fuel consumption is 12 liters for 100 km allow snowmobile to overcome long distance without top off.

   STELS S800 is equipped with a two person comfortable seat. Heated handlebar grips allow the driver to concentrate on driving and enjoy riding.

   Standard snowmobile has hitch to cope with heavy loads and a pannier for small luggage.

   Snowmobile has a conservative utility design, but you can find everything you need for daily work and for having a good fun and rest in the weekend.


   Snowmobile is equipped with a 4-stroke, fuel-injected, V-twin engine displacement of 800 cc This is the most powerful model in a planned line of snowmobiles STELS. The engine specially adapted for use in the harsh winter conditions in the snowmobile equipment.

   Wire harness used in snowmobile is produced according to Velomotors specification and operates without mailfunction at critical temperatures, V-twin engine is equipped with fuel injection system with max power 60HP, max speed 85km/h.


  1. 2-stroke engine of 565 cc, air-cooled;
  2. Two Mikuni carburetor with a separate lubrication system;
  3. Track 500 mm wide and 600 mm;

   New model of Snowmobile Stels 600 Viking is lighter in comparison with the top series model Stels 800 Wolverine, it results in easy handling, less load on the supporting surface thus provides the best passing ability in sand snow.

   Inspite of its utility design, this snowmobile can be used for tourist purpose as well. The confortability and reliable offroad capability make it attractive for rent service.

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